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Gutter & Downspout Cleaning

Why do I need my gutters cleaned?

If you don’t take care of your gutters you leave your biggest investment up to substantial risk! We all know water can be very damaging here in Alaska and we must take proper precautions and provide proper maintenance to our homes to keep them running efficiently. We also want them to be cost effective for us and maintaining your property’s water drainage system also helps our environment.

If your gutters are not currently working properly, typically the issue is the downspout, although sometimes the house can shift and a gutter needs to be adjusted.  Sometimes another downspout needs to be installed, whatever the problem is we can fix it.

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Rain Gutter and Downspout Installation

Why do I need rain gutters?

Rain gutters help protect your home from water damage.  If water is not directed where to go it can damage your fascia board from constantly running down the board from the roof. Not having rain gutters can also damage your roof, siding, foundation, that’s right your foundation! With no gutters to keep the water from hitting the ground in the same spot you can bet water will eventually erode the ground, form a valley right below the roof line, which could end up reaching your foundation. Don’t worry though because Spit Shine has you covered with seamless aluminum rain gutters and downspouts that come in 32 different colors.

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Moss Removal/Roof Cleaning

Why should I get my roof cleaned?

Moss, lichen, and algae is not something to be taken lightly. These types of organic growth will shorten the life of your roof.  This process starts when you see gloeocapsa magma (black streaks or staining on roofs) which will turn into full blown moss. Essentially your roof has been infected with bacteria that feed on the fillers in the shingles. As you can see this is not good! The other question to ask is when and how often should I get my roof cleaned? Our recommendation is every 2 years at the beginning of the season.

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Flashing Installation

Leaks behind the gutter?

Leaks can be very troublesome especially through the winter. Leaks behind the gutter can rot out your fascia board, siding, and more. Thankfully we have the solution!

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Gutter Maintenance, Caulking & Resealing

Gutters not working properly?

Leaks can be very troublesome especially through the winter. Leaks can rot out deck boards and they can rust your gutter. Water has the potential to damage many different surfaces. We can fix just about anything on a gutter system and if we can’t fix , we’ll replace it.

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Leaf Screen Installation

Do I need leaf screens?

Firstly by no means are leaf screens a cure all so you will never need to get your gutters cleaned again. Small debris such as birch seed, small twigs, spruce needles, etc… can still get in and cause blockages. What screens do is improve the overall working efficiency of your gutter system.

What determines if I need screens?

  1. Do I have trees around my property?
  2. If yes, what kind of trees are around my property?
  3. How much wind does my property experience?

While wind may not seem like a big factor it most certainly is, wind blows leaves and debris around the air and into a rain gutter system more often than you would think. Leaf screens do what they say they do, they keep leaves out.

Exterior Washing

Want a long lasting, clean look,
for your house?

If you are looking to sell your home, maintain it, or just want your house to look like new, then house washing is for you. We use a process called Soft Washing. Soft Washing is a low pressure application of soaps designed to kill moss, lichen, algae, bacteria, viruses and mold. This process will keep your house clean 4-6x longer than water alone.


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Roof Snow Removal

When should I get my roof shoveled and what's the cost?

We recommend getting your roof shoveled after 1′ of snow. Generally in Alaska 1′ can turn into 2′ fairly fast. Once that snow gets wet it gets really heavy. We do most properties in 2 hours or less unless you have a lot of snow. We do offer automatic service plans if you have a roof prone to leaks, which means we come out after 6″ of snow to help you protect your home through the winter.

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Ice Dam Steaming

Why do I need to remove ice dams?

Ice dams form dams at the edge of the roof which blocks water from draining off the roof during  warmer temperatures, you can imagine this is a BIG problem in the winter. When ice dams get to about 6″ thick we have noticed they tend to go up the roof higher than they should. This can be problematic if you do not have a full ice and water shield on your roof, as well as putting a lot of extra weight on the roof along with the snow load. Ice dams can also pull gutters off and damage fascia board. This may seem like a lot but if you google ice dam prices you will see this is a fair price, especially for what’s entailed.

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Christmas Lights

Why should I use your lights?

We use commercial grade LED lights. This means they are most energy efficient bulbs you will get. They also are brighter and richer in color than store bought lights. These lights will last you a lifetime because of how easy you can swap parts.  These lights are custom cut for your home and will be perfectly straight. You also will not have any weird runs going up walls or anything because we cut all of our own extension cords and can wire them for whatever the situation requires.

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Snow Blowing

Why should I use you for snow removal?

Spit Shine offers snow blowing for your driveways, sidewalks, etc. We use our snow blower to ensure the safety of your driveway and home, we also will do all of your walkways, brush your cars off and apply ice melt as needed. We take a very personal touch to our driveway maintenance through the winter and will provide you with an outstanding experience. 

Spit Shine’s Guarantee for all work, ever done, until the end of time…

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