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Flashing Services

Flashing  Information

Flashing, also known as drip cap and drip edge, is a piece of metal in the shape of an L. We select the appropriate size for your situation and install with gasket screws into the fascia.

Do you have drips/leaking behind your gutter?

Flashing acts as a water diverter that keeps the water going into the gutter and not down the fascia board which can peel the paint off, rot the board, and even make your gutter fall off eventually if enough rot is in the board.

Did you know?

Many houses are built without any type of flashing.

OSHA safe!


How much does Flashing cost?

We charge $7/foot which includes labor and material.
*Prices are subject to change from varying factors.

What does flashing do?

Prevents leaking behind your gutters

Why do I need flashing?

To prevent water from running down the fascia constantly, which could rot the wood or damage the paint.

How can I tell if I have leaks behind the gutter?

If it’s raining you can stand there and watch, but if it hasn’t rained in a while then look for water streaks down the face of the fascia board under the gutter. Sometimes they are even yellow or discolored.

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