It's all in the details!


​5 year leak proof guarantee

Whether your gutter fell off, you have leaks, your downspout is broken, or you’re not sure what the problem is Spit Shine can quickly diagnose the situation and provide the solution.

Need Your Gutters Cleaned?

OSHA safe!
Corner Caulking / Sealing

General Gutter Repairs

Whatever need your gutters have, we have you covered. The only gutters we do not work on are plastic.

Corner Caulking / Sealing

First, we remove all old caulking, we clean it out, then we apply new caulking, and then lastly we test it out to make sure your leaks are gone.


What kind of warranty do you have on repair work?

  • 5 year caulking and sealing
  • 5 year workmanship on repairs and 10 years on new installation

Do you work on all gutters?

Unfortunately the only gutters we do not do work on are plastic.

Can you remove gutters?

Planning to paint? We can remove and reinstall the same gutters, or even provide a brand new system.

Can you color match my existing gutters and downspouts?

As long as the color is a factory color and not a painted color we can color match.

Have more questions?

Gutter Downspout Repairs