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We use a process called Soft Washing, Soft Washing is a low pressure application of soaps designed to kill moss, lichen, algae, bacteria, viruses and mold. Once applied the process takes about 6 months for the roof to be 100% clean.

​First, we walk the property looking for any potential safety hazards. Then we begin rinsing down plants, covering surfaces or items we don’t want our treatment to get on, and putting bags on the end of downspouts to catch any run off from the roof.

​Next, we remove any loose debris from the roof and apply the treatment to the roof. While applying we have a person on the ground diluting any over spray that might come off of the roof.

​Lastly, we unbag the downspouts and do a final rinse of plants and surfaces, and clean up any debris we blew off the roof.

This is how a roof looks after treatment. All moss should be white/dead and all black streaking should gone.

OSHA safe!

Did you know?

Soft Washing is the only recommended method by the Asphalt Roofing  Manufacturer Association or ARMA for short.

​Pressure Washing a roof will void the warranty.

Our process will last 4-6 times longer than just physically removing the moss.

Three years NO GROWTH guarantee!


This is how a roof looks about 3-4 months in. By now the moss should be crumbling off.

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We can clean most types of roofs!

While we don’t typically recommend physically removing moss before treating, we do offer a faster process to people that need instant results.

If you need instant results, we offer a physical removal by brush or leaf blower, however we will still need to treat the roof to remove any black staining and to make sure the moss doesn’t come right back.

ARMA says you should never pressure wash a roof.  Soft Washing is the alternative to pressure washing and is 100% safe for your roof. Not only that but you can add considerable life to your roof by cleaning it every few years.

Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association


How often should I get my roof cleaned?
We recommend every 2-3 years.
What roofs can't you clean?
At this time we do not offer cleaning for wood-shakes.
Does your chemical hurt plants or animals?
In untrained hands, it most certainly can. We have proper procedures in place to protect you, your plants, and your pets!
What kinds of chemicals do you use?
The main chemical we use to kill moss is Bleach, a very common household chemical and a very effective moss killer. We also add a soap to help the solution stick to the surface. We dilute it once it is off the roof so there is no damage to your property.
Is pressure washing a roof really that bad?
In short, yes! Pressure washing can severely shorten the life of your roof as well as void your warranty. Yes, it “looks” great after but will most likely make your roof fail prematurely.
Should I keep my pets inside during the cleaning?
Yes, we require that your pets be kept inside, although it might be good to let them go potty first!
Is there anything I need to do before hand?
We ask that you shut all of your windows, pull cars further down the driveway, move all belongings close to the house inside if possible. If you can’t move anything, don’t worry we are prepared to protect anything that could ever possibly get damaged.

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