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Gemstone Lights, Authorized Dealer

Gemstone Lighting Installation

Now Offering Gemstone Lighting

These lights are permanent and attached to the soffit of your house

They are completely customizable in color and pattern to celebrate any holiday or occasion where you want amazing lighting!

These lights are completely controlled from your phone from an easy to use app

Get top of the line permanent light installation done at your property and never buy Christmas lights or any other holiday lights again!


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You won’t even notice the lights are there until nighttime!

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5 Year warranty on all products

Your house will be the talk of the block!

  • Gemstone lights are a smart innovative system that will ensure you can celebrate any holiday and any occasion
  • They are completely water proof and rated for Alaska’s cold weather
  • Gemstone lights will enhance the look of your house and match your house perfectly​
  • These lights come on a track that is installed on the soffit of your house
  • Your house really will be the talk of the block!
  • Read more about Gemstone here

Your permanent lighting install will be performed by trained qualified technicians who love what they do!

We are licensed, bonded, and insured to do the job right!

This will be the last time you buy lights for your house

Lots of colors and lots of patterns!

Each light is individually addressable by your phone so you can change any light you want to any color

These lights are connected very simply and easy to maintain or perform repairs if needed

These lights aren’t cheap, but you’ll never buy holiday lights again, we even offer architectural lights as well

Basically if you need lights for a holiday or want to impress some out of town guests, we have you covered!


We are the only company offering these lights in Alaska


Gemstone Lighting FAQ

Gemstone Lights, Authorized Dealer
How many color options are there?

There are 12 Main colors but there is also a color wheel producing 16 million colors!

How long does a typical job take?

A typical job takes 3 to 10 hours

Okay, the lights are awesome, but how much do they cost?

Pricing varies based on location and scale, so please reach out for a free quote!

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